COVID-19 Response from Wave Wash Carwash


As part of the Transportation & Automotive Sector, Wave Wash Carwash will remain open during the COVID-19 crisis. The Federal Government has identified 16 essential sectors that should do their best to safely stay open during this time. One is the Transportation Sector, which requires clean vehicles to safely operate. In addition, Dallas County has identified auto repair and maintenance facilities as “Essential Businesses”. The express car wash model is uniquely situated to provide a safe method of keeping vehicles clean. Wave Wash Carwash is an express wash that normally has very little personal interaction, but we are taking even more extreme steps to make sure that you can safely keep your vehicle clean.

Wave Wash is :

  • Following all recommended COVID-19 safety practices (social distancing, washing hands, not coming to work with symptoms, wearing gloves) and more.
  • Disinfecting our Automated Cashier stations.
  • Free Vacuums will only be open in every other hose and we will be wiping down the handles after each use to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Please see the following sites more information from the Department of Homeland Security and on keeping the interior of your vehicle clean:

If you have any questions, please email or you may also speak to any manager on site.