About Us

Wave Wash - Best Car Wash in DFW

History and Mission

Founded in 1997, Wave Wash is a family owned and operated business serving the DFW Metroplex. We combine unrivaled quality, speed, value and professionalism with old-fashion service. We provide clean, spotless facilities and use the most modern equipment and processes in the industry. Our experienced team members are knowledgeable, friendly and courteous and take exceptional pride in making your Wave Wash experience a great one!


When you wash your car at home, water usage can be extreme. In addition, the water, along with soaps and other cleansers flows into the storm system which empties directly into creeks and lakes. These chemicals reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, promoting algae and bacteria growth which creates a harmful environment for fish and other wildlife. These chemicals also go into our drinking water system. Wave Wash filters the water before using it again. This process takes a big investment, but it’s the only way to wash cars pollution-free. Because at Wave Wash, we care about the environment!


At Wave Wash, we focus on safety every day. We hold the highest standards of safety for our customers and employees, and are deeply committed to ensure the best car wash environment possible. The Wave Wash staff constantly tests and maintains our modern equipment with a clear goal… to continually improve safety at all our locations.

Customer Privacy

Complete security and confidentiality of any and all personal information is our strict corporate policy. Wave Wash uses personal information for internal uses only, and will never share nor sell a customer’s information to anyone. Your personal information can be trusted with us, guaranteed!


WAVE WASH - Voted D Magazine WINNER: Best Car Wash 2010